Easy Street Noodles

So good, and so simple.

This dish from start to finish takes about 15 minutes!

You’ll need:

  • Non GMO Extra Firm Tofu
  • Non GMO Canola Oil
  • Thin Rice Noodles (I love the Thai Kitchen brand)
  • Kale
  • Green Onion
  • Vegetable Broth (prepared)
  • Curry Powder
  • Mushrooms (I love criminis)
  • Celery (optional)
  • Sriracha (optional)
  • Cilantro (optional)
  • Lime (optional)

You will need two frying pans, one to fry your tofu, and one for the other stuff.. If you have a WOK even better! Wouldn’t be a bad idea to prepare all of your veggies and things prior to adding this food to heat, if it’s your first time making these noodles. EVERYTHING COOKS FAIRLY FAST.

  1. Heat your smaller frying pan on Medium/High with just enough canola oil to cover the bottom. Cube your tofu while thats heating, and put it in the pan evenly, so that each cube is in the oil and touching the bottom of the pan. Season with curry powder.
  2. Slice up your shrooms and toss them in the larger frying pan or wok, with just enough vegetable broth to keep them from sticking… if you prefer, use a bit of oil.
  3. Chop your celery and add to the shrooms along with a healthy helping of curry powder.
  4. Check your TOFU, I like mine to be a nice crisp brown, but it can really be cooked to your liking… turn each cube so that another side is now cooking.
  5. Chop your green onion, and peel the kale off of the stem… you can keep the leaves as large as you’d like. Set them to the side.
  6. CHECK YOUR TOFU, turning whenever it needs to be turned, adding more seasoning as desired.
  7. Add your rice noodles, no need to break them apart, just make sure they fit in the pan… cover with vegetable broth (add sriracha if desired).
  8. As the noodles start to soften and break up, begin to incorporate them into the mushrooms and celery, tossing them gently…
  9. Add your green onions, kale, and tofu; give everything a few nice tosses, and it should be ready to go!
  10. Garnish with lime and cilantro.
  11. Enjoy!

Mix this dish up however you desire! Add peppers, broccoli, bean sprouts, try different spices, garlic, chili paste… whatever! It is so simple and I rarely prepare this the same way twice.

Happy Noodling,




Packing Light for an Extended Vacation

When preparing for a trip, one of the most frequent questions I am asked is, “How do you pack for that?”

I am not sure if the length of time is the concern, or the variety of activities I will have to plan for… or both!

BUT I will preface the rest of this article by saying… I pack light!! The irony for me, is the longer the trip, often the smaller the bag. Longer trips mean more travel within the country I am visiting, in buses, taxis, and often a good walk or two. There is nothing worse than dragging a heavy wheel tote down the torn up, dirt road, of a third world country. If you know you will have one home base while away, you can plan on dropping your bags the moment you arrive and not have to repack and lug them with you until you depart for the airport!

While packing up for my next trip to -Bali, Indonesia-, I decided to document my packing style for some tips and tricks in preparing for a variety of activities as well as constant travel on the island. I will be away for 3 weeks, and the weather will be in the high 80’s and 90’s with humidity; we plan to transport by scooter, attend yoga classes, hike, trek, snorkel, surf, and visit temples.

Here is how I prepare:

  1. I start by making a pile of all of the things I MAY want to take, as I do laundry or dig out my summer clothes, I just chuck it all on the chair in my closet.
  2. Next I lay everything out and eliminate about half of the things I put in that pile, with the discriminating thought, “not necessary”.
  3. After a large portion of the items are removed, I put on each of the bottoms (skirts, shorts, pants) I want to take, and try them on with every top in question. Every top or bottom that is “one outfit” or only goes with one thing, gets eliminated. Here are some photo examples of what I mean:


Shown: I have 6 tops (t-shirts, tanks, racerbacks), 2 skirts, 2 pair of shorts, which all can be worn intermittently. I also have a dress and one floor length floral pantsuit, for temple visits, nice dinners, and evenings out. The hat and sandals go with every outfit, and each pairing can be dressed up or down. Off to the side I have 1 pair of yoga pants, one pair of yoga shorts, a pair of track shorts, 3 work out tops, 3 swimming suits, 6 pairs of socks, and a pair of underwear for each day.

  • Eliminate any tops that require a certain type of layering or bra to make it work.
  • Eliminate any tops that cannot be casually worn for trekking in the day, and dressed up at night.
  • Eliminate anything that cannot roll down into a small size. Taking up space for one item is deemed unnecessary.

4. Jewelry: Two necklaces, two pair of earrings. One set is normally worn and not packed. Both sets should go with everything! Any more than that is too lavish for island life!

5. Shoes: 1 pair of Black on Black Authentic Vans; comfortable enough to walk long distances, light weight, don’t stain easily, can be used for light hiking and trails, and are great for airport days. 1 pair of sandals; easy to dress up or down. 1 pair of flip flops for the beach.

6. Toiletry tricks: When flying with a carry on, all of your liquids and gels must fit in one quart size, ziplock bag. I never include my deodorant stick in this “liquids” bag and the TSA never seem to mind. I always pack a bar soap which cuts down on my liquids as well.


Nearly one month after starting this article, I am back from Bali and wanted to let you know how I did!


The photo at the top of the page was everything I had with me for the 3 weeks I was away. Strapped to the side is a travel comforter which ended up being incredibly useful in the airports for napping and totally breathable in the varying sleeping temperatures. My empty liter canteen which I was glad to have… saved me from buying plastic water bottles and contributing to waste.

The yellow lace sundress (pictured above) wasn’t worn ONCE ughhhhh. It ended up being too dressy for the area (Canggu) where we spent most of our time, and a bit too “cute” for some of the evenings out. The floral pant suit was perfect though, I ended up wearing that on two separate evenings out, it was light and airy and the perfect amount of girly.

The olive stretch pencil skirt was a tough one, which also did not get worn much, if you could really say at all… I did not account for the incredible amount of humidity/heat and the fact that you could see that I was sweating, due to the color and material 😂. Lesson learned though! Black or white are definitely better choices!

I also ended up tossing the light grey T out of my packing at the last second, I am glad I did, I would have had no use for it… and it possibly would have also been a sweat give away!

I ended up having all of my clothes laundered half way through the trip at a local place which cost me 40,000IDR, or just less than $3USD. They did a good job, and helped me feel like I was maintaining freshness throughout the entire trip! All in all, I think I was perfectly prepared and never felt like I was wearing the same thing constantly.

I hope you get a tip or trick for your next adventure, and feel free to comment the things that you have learned when packing for trips as well!

Happy packing travelers!



Follow Your Heart

This weekend’s theme seemed to be “Follow Your Heart”. I felt opportunity arise to inspire the people around me constantly. It was as if I kept walking into an aroma that overwhelmed my senses to such a degree, that I could not help but lean into it and inhale deeper. I was being led into conversations about work and purpose, and I acted on my reflex to encourage. Confessions were made to me, a friendly passer by, and in these moments I just said “Follow your heart. If you’re doing what you love and you are filled with joy every day because of it, the money will come.”

Abundance follows joy. When we are in a positive state, it is much easier to spread positivity and happiness. As these exchanges take place, they continue to build upon one another; each encounter becoming more friendly, more familiar. When we familiarize ourselves with giving and receiving joy and encouragement, a flowing rhythm is placed in the beat of our day; like the ebb and flow of the tide.

“Today and everyday, I give that, which I want to receive.”

-Deepak Chopra

As we let go of our need to hold in the soulful expression of that which we desire, our hearts lean into a state of opening. As we share this state with others, we are filled up miraculously. If we want to be successful with our dreams we have to move into that flow state. Trust in this, if we are doing that which opens our hearts and brings joy to the world, we will always be joyful. If we are supporting others in their journey to reaching their dreams, we will be supported in reaching ours. If we congratulate others on their abundant lives, our lives will be abundant.

With this practice we find the cages in which we have placed our desires. Where it becomes difficult for us to give, is where our difficulty is in receiving. We acknowledge these things and work toward complete surrender to the abundant ebb and flow of giving and receiving.

May we all open our hearts to joy, abundance, and prosperity for others, so that we might have that too.





Appreciation VS Gratitude

The definition of Gratitude is being thankful and in readiness to return kindness; while the definition of appreciation is to fully understand, recognize, and enjoy the qualities of something or someone.

Why is this an important distinction and when is each word most appropriately used or exercised?

The two tend to be carelessly swapped for one another in our language, and though they both reflect positively, they do not mean the same thing. Gratitude, although a high vibrational word, implies a debt of some sort, as if we have overcome great obstacles and are forever in service to our saviors. Removing the implication that we have been saved, anchors an all encompassing vibration of non-judgement. To appreciate your body, is to fully accept it, as is. To appreciate your partner, is to accept them for their truth nature. To remove judgement from our language, is to set up each and every interaction as an observer. Bringing appreciation to the forefront of your relationships allows a sort of authenticity to be present, and replaces fear with radical acceptance.

May we all move through our gratitude into a space of appreciation for the soul holders that surround us, and our own light bodies.

Love for you all in this new year,




Installing Synthetic Dreadlocks

Synthetics are all the rave these days; a noncommittal, bold, and protective style.

With faux dreadlocks I see all types of people and varying desired effects for them… some want a synthetic dread that looks as natural as possible and others want an epic and maintenance free style for festival season. Either way, you’re going to learn how to give the people what they want in this 2 day, hands on course.

I am going to teach you everything you need to know about applying, cultivating and booking synthetic dreadlock extensions!

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Dread Course Announcement!

Hello Beautiful Dread Lovers,

I have had several inquiries about courses over the last few months and have been putting off getting things booked because I have felt the need to revamp things!

I have been taking notes with where my classes have struggled and feel there is always room for improvement and growth in the education I provide.

I am finding that there is so much information to absorb with dreadlocks and being such a branch off of knowledge from regular hairstyling, I now believe the information needs to be delivered in segments and students need time to integrate their techniques and practice before moving on. Although this becomes cumbersome with scheduling your life around a broken up course, I feel taking steps into a niche of this kind would be very valuable to the foundation of your knowledge for this work. Permanent dreads are potentially a lifetime hairstyle, and that sort of commitment from a client needs to be met with the same intensity from their artist.

I will be posting new course and class information as well as dates and times of classes shortly!  Cannot wait to share with this new structure!!

Stay tuned,



Fake IT Until YOU Make IT!

Happiness… man has this word been a paper weight in my head space for the last few months. What is happiness and why is it so hard to obtain at times?

I have had some interesting experiences and observations popping up over the last few weeks, and each time I began to dissect these encounters, the question returns to my mind… why are people so unhappy? Analytical in nature I turn to self-study… what makes me unhappy?


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What is Your Life’s Work?

You know… I really never applied a deeper purpose to my career as a hairstylist. I always thought that my artistic ability and competence in communicating with clients were the things that pushed me towards success.

After all, what kind of affect can a hairstylist really have on the world?

I built my business on the intention that everyone should be able to afford to have good hair! It wasn’t until I was 9 years in, and busier than ever did I begin to question that; was it enough? It seemed I was working every waking hour, I was burnt out and wondering what my life purpose really was. Sure I had so many beautiful and gracious people around me most every day, but was I really making a difference in their lives? Was I making my life count? Was I building my legacy?

This question has been a great source of my anxiety for quite some time now. After countless hours of inertia, self study, and examination, I came to the conclusion that I had been asking the wrong question all along….

I was asking, “Is my life meaningful?”.

I should have been asking, “How can I make my life meaningful?”.

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