Fake IT Until YOU Make IT!

Happiness… man has this word been a paper weight in my head space for the last few months. What is happiness and why is it so hard to obtain at times?

I have had some interesting experiences and observations popping up over the last few weeks, and each time I began to dissect these encounters, the question returns to my mind… why are people so unhappy? Analytical in nature I turn to self-study… what makes me unhappy?

I have found that there are 3 major elements to a lack of joy and luster in my daily life:

  1. Inauthenticity
  2. A Lack of Direction
  3. Inability to Cope

Acting in our most authentic nature can solve many of our daily dramas. When we find the courage to speak, dress, and act in the best interest of our inner soul, or highest consciousness, we are able to tactfully and gracefully express our personal boundaries. In this state of being, our truest light source is revealed, and we are able to accept others for living their truth. Embrace your inner you in this wild ride called life, and in turn, you’ll embrace others in their journey as well.

Goals, Goals, Goals. Why are we up grinding ourselves to death at work, hustling everyday… Sure, for our families and to “have a better life”, but what does that really mean? I have found that when I am not content, it is typically because I have no goals or focused intention for doing what I am doing, day in, and day out. Keeping major aspirations, as well as small obtainable goals, helps me to stay active and focused in reaching them. If I ever find myself saying “What am I doing all of this for?”, I know that a lack of direction is getting me down. Time to reevaluate.

Coping, how do you cope? Yoga has been a saving grace for me, and my burdens. My body’s aches and pains, my emotional wounds, and my anxieties, all seem to melt away when I am keeping a regular practice. When the day’s chaos is compounding, I can go home, to my mat, and in complete silence, offer all of it up there. Yoga allows me to gently work through the back pain and joint pain I live with daily. After years of dancing and working on my feet, it’s there; rather than taking a magic pill to will it all away, I allow myself to acknowledge it, and in partnership with spirit, heal it. Coping is good, its ok to feel uncomfortable sometimes, it means you’re alive, and you have a perfectly imperfect human body.

So fake it until you make it, put a smile on your face until that smile becomes fixed and works it’s way through your soul, and into the hearts of others. Take small steps into the bold life you always knew you had within you, be authentic. Set ridiculous goals if that is what is going to keep you on your feet and grinning each and every day! Cry if you need too, let your heart pour out and recognize that this is you coping, congratulations.

May we all remain steadfast in our purpose, as we carry our soulful hearts, with joy, and grace in this earthly form.



In Response to What The Health

With all of the buzz circulating about the latest pro plant-based documentary, What The Health, I had to put in MY two cents in the only way I know how… a blog post.

After some hours (yes hours) of digging I was able to uncover a few photographs of my past self… I thought I had destroyed all evidence of the creature that ate Tia, but low and behold I found them. I don’t call that version of myself a creature for derogatory reasons, but more as a way of totally encompassing what had happened to me. I was completely absorbed in destructive emotional behavior and it was reflecting majorly in my skin, weight, and health. I hated myself; the way I looked, the direction my life was taking and the way I was behaving, were all signs of this. I was not a healthy human, and wasn’t nourishing myself physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

After a few hard life lessons, I realized it was time to make a change.

It was time to give up the poison that had entered my existence in the form of self loathing, guilt, body shaming, emotional eating, chemical dependence (in “food”), weight loss plans, and a clouded sense of self-worth. It was time I started treating myself the way I treated most everyone else, and it was TIME that I had a real conversation with my spirit about how I was doing in these areas.

I thought I had confidence and good self-esteem and I always felt like I was loved and able to love myself… but when I took a good, hard, look at what I was fueling my body, mind, and spirit with, it was a rude awakening.

I learned that I was eating addictive substances in the form of chemical additives, sweeteners, sodas, and processed foods. I realized the body shaming and guilt cycles of diets and the ups and downs of being insecure about my weight were toxic for my soul, and were all, quite possibly, the culprits for true joy being sucked from my life. I didn’t feel good so I started really putting in the time to research and invest in my wholeness and well-being. By some guidance, from a previously unknown internal source, I had slowly converted to a 100% plant-based diet, and had no idea exactly how I had gotten there. The results were incredible. My face and eye color changed, brightened, temperament relaxed, I had regained passion for living and was able to make business goals and quickly become more successful in my career. I lost 70 pounds and went from a size 15 to a 3. The dark cloud had cleared from my mind, and I was reborn.

This transformation took 2 years and when I looked back, it was like I had boarded a train and wasn’t sure of exactly where it was going at the time.

With this intense physical detoxification, I also spiritually, emotionally, and mentally detoxified. Choosing carefully what I filled my spare time with, and ensuring that anything I was reading or watching was fueling me on every level in a positive way.  Health has always been something I don’t view as a destination, but a journey, constantly evolving and growing. As I educate myself and work through the deepest and most buried conflicts within my overall energy and material body, I find that my greatest passion is becoming the best possible version of me.

True and authentic reflection of the soul. 

In relation to the documentary, I will just say this… these outlets of information are meant to make you think. To make you stop and question the things you do mindlessly everyday that are leading you to a lack of health or happiness… sure they may be exaggerated or “cherry picked” facts, BUT if this is what it takes for you to turn inward and evaluate whether or not you’re doing the best you can for your ultimate well-being… well, then watch away and let yourself be shocked. As an adult consumer you should ALWAYS gather as much information as possible and then use personal experience, factual evidence, internal guidance, and intent in choosing the right lifestyle options for you.

May you all find self-love and inexplicable happiness.