Hi, I’m Tia


My name is Tia and I am 27 years old. I have been working as a hairstylist for approximately nine years in total and have been co-operating The Eclectic Chair for the last four years. I live with a spoiled miniature pinscher named Diesel, but typically called Baby D. He digs my hippie vibes and loves to spend time with me doing yoga, or going longboarding and on cruising adventures.

I’d like to say that we live the simple life, but I’m just not sure that’s our style at the moment. I live and operate in a strange dreamland, where anything is possible. My experiences are chaotic at times, but useful and fun in my journey to self discovery. All the while, I think the people in my life get a little kick out of checking in on me to hear about my latest and greatest adventures; which often happen in my chair at the salon.

My mission in life is to bring joy and humor to the people that surround me. I love to be entertained and in return I will happily entertain. Life is supposed to be fun and we are supposed to laugh; a lot. The laughter feels sweetest after periods of struggle, when our hearts have been emptied of tears and we begin to sit a little taller again.

I teach and do my best to radiate Self-Love. I believe that everyone has a being of light within them that is waiting to be expressed. With enough love anyone can become the pure creature they were intended to be, and those that seem to be lacking it, need love the most.

I believe in LOVE, karma, abundance, science, the power of music, energy, natural healing, prayer and joy. And I believe all of those blessings from the universe are available to anyone willing to give the same.

I write to find truth in myself and to share the discoveries I have made. I post articles to share knowledge I have asked the questions to obtain. I don’t post or speak to imply my knowledge is the only truth, but to find more knowledge. To offer my perspective that I may awaken in others the truth seeker that has come to life with in myself, that we may discover love, light and knowledge together.

May my journey help give you guidance!