Fall in Love With Food Again

As a women, I know the struggle.

I haven’t always been thin, and it hasn’t always come easy for me. My body and my food addiction is something I have always had insecurities about; constantly fad-dieting and looking for work out programs to shed the pounds quickly.

It never worked..

I had to fall out of love with food (or what I thought was food) to remember what food is actually for.

Food is meant to nourish our bodies. That is it.

Obviously I still eat things strictly for pleasure and I’m sure I always will… But what I have learned throughout all of this, is when I am eating for pleasure, it is NOT for my physical body. The cells and organs within my body will not ask me for a milkshake and fries. (Though I DO believe our bodies have cravings at times because we are lacking certain elements to our diets.)

Discernment is what is going to be your ally when working through food addiction. Am I craving fries because I am lacking salt? Possibly. But my heart may just be craving fries to attempt to fill a void emotionally. Fries are not going to fill that void.

I believe our bodies are addicted to the chemicals in our food. You’re not addicted to dreamscicles, you’re addicted to the sugar and artificial coloring in them. Why do I believe this? Because I did an experiment… I recreated my favorite treats and foods, organic, preservative free, animal product free… And guess what; it tasted good but it didn’t satisfy that craving. I tried organic, clean etc etc… Nothing compared. I realized my cravings were specific, and shared ingredients. So I detoxed.

I gave up (most) processed foods all together, basically eating unsalted nuts or seeds and produce; either raw or lightly sautéed in olive oil and sea salt with a bit of rice or quinoa here and there. I ate oats with peanut butter for breakfast and drank black coffee, tea, or water. I had a very bland and boring diet, but it worked. As the weight came off and my body began to feel light and agile, I began to incorporate more things into my meals. Keeping as best as I could to a vegan, preservative free, chemical free, diet.

It’s been 3 years since this major shift in my life, and my body is still constantly changing. To this day, I continue to experiment with my food and body habits, never wavering from a plant based diet, but occasionally incorporating other foods into my life that I typically don’t consume. Though I still eat very healthy and watch everything that I put into my mouth… I dont feel my best when I am not eating a clean diet. Eating “whole foods”- foods that are grown from the earth, rinsed and placed in the super market. The foods that go through some sort of processing, without doubt, make me feel slower, heavier, and more lethargic. The pleasure from eating that little treat is short lived as it begins to digest, I immediately feel regret. The benefits of eating an apple or a spoon full of almond butter lasts, I still get to kick the sugar craving but my body thanks me afterwards by utilizing those nutrients.

I have learned to fall in love with THAT feeling.

The feeling of a body full of vitality, energy, and self love. I love food and I love how my body feels when I put delicious and nutritious foods into it.

Fall in love with your body by falling in love with food for what it was meant for; to nourish it. Fall in love with the feeling of a healthy and strong physical body and a healthy and strong mind will follow.

Be good to your body and it will be good to you.