The Process of Un-Learning

A Course in Miracles states, Discomfort is arroused only to bring the need for correction into awareness.

Correct minded thinking or correction comes from a source of pure love and light. It comes from our very core at which our highest vibrational being exists. We have been generationally, environmentally, and universally conditioned to believe things which teach against this inner vibration, some refer to this opposition as the ego.

When we allow ourselves to be conditioned by the ego we become sick minded and our bodies may begin to manifest physical mind and body sickness.

To think and see from this high vibrational source is to become right-minded. The Course refers to this process of right-minded thinking and seeing, as the process of unlearning. As we heal our minds, we return to our original and only state of being, which is perfect.

Illness, hair and skin issues, sadness, anger, body pain, heart pain… All of these discomforts we may be prone to feeling is a plea for awareness from our bodies; either the spiritual body or the physical one.

The more intune I get with my body and its true needs, the more easily I feel these pleas, drawing awareness to arising issues when they are young and gentle rather than screaming and full blown.

Something about my own nature I have accepted, is that I am always searching to be ultimately comfortable. Eccentrically trying out lifestyles, diets, looks and work choices, but never really settling… What I have realized over many years of doing this, was that I was just searching to display my authentic self; the person I felt I was on the inside. A deep desire burns within me to reflect my inner self as truly as possible, and that my inner being be as divine and beautiful as possible.

So I escaped from darkness…

Or began to.

Searching for the divine light within me and always striving to be better, smarter, faster, thinner, prettier, more loving, these desires didn’t make me broken or lost. They helped me escape the darkness and ugliness by forcing me to take a good hard look at what in my life was making me uncomfortable and why. When done in a positive way with love and light as the basis of your intentions, this search can put you on the path to unlearn the things which you have learned that cause you pain and discomfort.

The only way out of darkness is through it.

I needed to see the darkness and ugliness that I had been projecting onto the world. And trust me, asking to see and express your true self, all of your darkness and ugliness included, can be a bit scary.

Once you begin this journey through everything that makes you feel pain, you will see that it was never really hiding; because darkness cannot truly hide. As you choose to heal everything that hurts and feels empty, you will recognize that there is nothing you want to hide even if you could.

The fear will leave you as you unlearn ugliness and learn and accept perfect love.

Because that is what you are.

A perfect creation of love.




You call it intuition… I call it spirit.

Photo by Danny Holland
Photo by Danny Holland

While studying in A Course In Miracles chapter 6, I had a sudden recognition of spirit in a new light. I have always been able to identify with a vision during meditation or healing exercise of conversation with an angelic like being, or the raw gut feeling of knowing. I have even been able to believe spirit as a messenger of God like Hermes or Holy Spirit… But this particular epiphany brought everything home for me. As I read this section I felt so at peace with a gentle sense of knowing, as if my inner being was singing, nodding, and hugging, with a deep sensation of love and completeness. I read;

How can you wake children in a more kindly way than a gentle Voice that will not frighten them, but merely remind them that the night is over and the light has come? You do not inform them the nightmares that frighten them so badly are not real, because children believe in magic. You merely reassure them that they are safe now. Then you train them to recognize the difference between sleeping and waking, so they will understand they need not be afraid of dreams. And so when bad dreams come, they will themselves call on the light to dispel them. (A Course in Miracles, p132-133)

After embracing such a gentle message I realized that my belief and understanding of spirit has evolved throughout my awakening process. Whatever you call it, intuition, gut feeling, Holy Spirit, or higher conciousness, it is simply our perception of a nudge from whatever source of supreme power you believe in. We are awakening and being chosen to call on the light to dispel the dark from this reality.

Let Spirit lead the way.



Change Your Mind to Change Your Body


Course in Miracles states, that only fundamental change will last.

Fundamental- A word used as both an adjective and a noun, meaning basic and of central importance or principle.

There are many reasons that diet and weight loss programs don’t work; I believe the number one reason for a “failed” diet is intention. When we make a change in our life to lose weight, what is the underlying, or fundamental reason behind it?

Many would say for their health, or to look or feel better, but few would commit to making these changes permanent. If you cannot commit to permanent change in your life and for your body, it will not last. You will not stick to that diet plan, or if you do, you will most likely gain the weight back. If you truly want health for your body, you know that laying off the twinkles for a few weeks or “going paleo” for a month at a time is not going to wow your body with change. You are too smart to believe that shedding a few pounds before Vegas is going to quiet that nagging voice in your head.

Getting healthy is not about losing weight. Health is about finding vitality in a body you didn’t know could feel so alive. It is about self love and feeling beautiful on the inside and out. Healthy people project happiness and fluidity. They seem to float throughout their day with a smile.

THAT is what you are looking for in the weight loss section of the bookstore; but guess what, you won’t find it there.

Happiness comes from fundamental change. Finding a central importance or strong motivation for health will guarantee it.

The course says,

“A change in motivation is a change in mind, and will inevitably produce fundamental change because the mind is fundamental.”

We must change our minds to change our bodies.



Being is Never Threatened

imageA Course in Miracles states, that “judgement always involves rejection”.

When we reject our bodies by making judgements about them, they will reject us.

This results in illness, body image, weight issues, skin problems, etc… If our bodies are showing signs of discomfort, attack or discontent, that is a call from them, to us, for love. This can mean eating better, exercising or sleeping regularly, but it mainly means our bodies need care and positivity.

As we deny body identification and embrace and affirm spirit identification, we begin to reflect on the outside how we feel on the inside. If what you are reflecting to the world appears unattractive to you then it is time for you to shed illusions about yourself and embrace that you are a perfect spiritual being having a human experience. Our bodies are a reflection of our subconscious. As we free our minds and hearts of judgement about ourselves and others, we lessen the worry and fear attached to our physical bodies. This state of letting go of our attachment to an outcome or image, frees us of anxiety and worry, which allows our bodies to return to their natural state of being; which is perfect. As we present no attack on our bodies and minds, we are not attacked; because being is never threatened.

What we project to the world, we project to ourselves, and what we project to ourselves, we project to the world.

Project only love because that is what you are.