Calling All Aspiring Dread Artists

Do you LOVE dreadlocks? Do you have clients who love dreadlocks? Do you want to get dreaducated?

I have had my own permanent dreadlocks for about 4 years now, and wore synthetic extensions  for nearly 2 years before that. Having dreads of my own, really helped me to see the ins and outs of this hairstyle more seriously. Experience = Knowledge.

My fascination with dreadlocks started about 6 years ago, ever since I have been obsessed with developing the most advanced systems of installation for both permanent and synthetic dreads. I even created my own method called The Steady Dready method, which I will be teaching in a separate course, because it’s EPIC! I have worked with many dreadlocks, both started in my salon and started on the other side of the world; I have met a lot of dread heads and I have worked on a lot of dreads… I KNOW DREADS, and I am ready to share everything I know about permanent dreadlocks in a hands-on course!

Permanent Dreads are potentially a lifetime hairstyle and that sort of commitment from a client, needs to be met with the same intensity from their artist, so let’s DREADUCATE!

In this 3 day, hands-on course you will learn:

  • The ins and outs of dreadlocking, how the hair forms, behaves and how to care for them properly
  • Product knowledge
  • Organic dreading vs forced dreading
  • Tools which tools to use and why some are bad for dreads
  • 5 techniques for dreading and when to use each method
  • Sectioning and separation
  • Terminology
  • Extension removal
  • Extending matured/permanent dreads
  • Charging and consulting for dreadlocks
  • Scheduling for dread clients

Not only will I give you the all of the techniques and knowledge I have about this niche of dreadlocks and styling, I will prepare you for the client inquiries, and show you how to sell this service. With over 5 years of dreadlock application experience, I believe I have the right tools to offer, in order to help you succeed with this investment.

Prerequisite for this course: You must be able to braid and french braid WELL, I will need video evidence with your registration form, there will be an attached video for you to mimic so that I can determine if this class is the right fit for you.

This Complete Permanent Dreadlocks Course is $549

All materials, models, tools, and mannequins provided.

The following dates are for this course only, space is limited.

February 3rd, 4th, 5th 2018

Drop your questions below, or click REGISTER NOW to sign up!