Braiding Look & Learn for Professionals

If you are a licensed cosmetologist or barber and have interest in natural and protective hair styling, come take a peek at goddess and festival braiding in a non-formal educational setting!

This Event is FREE, I just ask that you tell me what your biggest question is with natural hair styling! 

This event will be held in Idaho Falls on January 22nd, drop by between 10am and 1pm, all you have to do is bring your questions!

Location to be determined, so don’t forget to submit this form!



I look forward to networking with you all,



Appreciation VS Gratitude

The definition of Gratitude is being thankful and in readiness to return kindness; while the definition of appreciation is to fully understand, recognize, and enjoy the qualities of something or someone.

Why is this an important distinction and when is each word most appropriately used or exercised?

The two tend to be carelessly swapped for one another in our language, and though they both reflect positively, they do not mean the same thing. Gratitude, although a high vibrational word, implies a debt of some sort, as if we have overcome great obstacles and are forever in service to our saviors. Removing the implication that we have been saved, anchors an all encompassing vibration of non-judgement. To appreciate your body, is to fully accept it, as is. To appreciate your partner, is to accept them for their truth nature. To remove judgement from our language, is to set up each and every interaction as an observer. Bringing appreciation to the forefront of your relationships allows a sort of authenticity to be present, and replaces fear with radical acceptance.

May we all move through our gratitude into a space of appreciation for the soul holders that surround us, and our own light bodies.

Love for you all in this new year,