Installing Synthetic Dreadlocks

Synthetics are all the rave these days; a noncommittal, bold, and protective style.

With faux dreadlocks I see all types of people and varying desired effects for them… some want a synthetic dread that looks as natural as possible and others want an epic and maintenance free style for festival season.¬†Either way, you’re going to learn how to give the people what they want in this 2 day, hands on course.

I am going to teach you everything you need to know about applying, cultivating and booking synthetic dreadlock extensions!

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Dread Course Announcement!

Hello Beautiful Dread Lovers,

I have had several inquiries about courses over the last few months and have been putting off getting things booked because I have felt the need to revamp things!

I have been taking notes with where my classes have struggled and feel there is always room for improvement and growth in the education I provide.

I am finding that there is so much information to absorb with dreadlocks and being such a branch off of knowledge from regular hairstyling, I now believe the information needs to be delivered in segments and students need time to integrate their techniques and practice before moving on. Although this becomes cumbersome with scheduling your life around a broken up course, I feel taking steps into a niche of this kind would be very valuable to the foundation of your knowledge for this work. Permanent dreads are potentially a lifetime hairstyle, and that sort of commitment from a client needs to be met with the same intensity from their artist.

I will be posting new course and class information as well as dates and times of classes shortly!  Cannot wait to share with this new structure!!

Stay tuned,