Positivity is a Practiced Trait

“I wish I had your positivity.”

This is a phrase I hear frequently… but positivity is not simply an inherited trait, it is learned and it is practiced.

I became the observer in my own life and I found that as humans, children, adults, women, men, etc… we tend to label and generalize ourselves, our qualities, our actions, and our perceptions.

I found myself saying things like;

I am always late.
I am fat.
I am always starving.
I am such a brat.
I suck.
I don’t have time for that.

Even when used in a joking manner these phrases are integrated into our DNA slowly over time, until we actually become what we say we are. When we use absolutes it creates a pattern in our head in which we acknowledge the action rather than change it.

The process of becoming a more positive person starts with becoming an observer of your actions, words and thoughts. When you hear yourself say one of these phrases, stop, and correct the habit.

For Example:

“I am always late… sorry, I am frequently late”

“I am fat… Actually, I mean to say I am just not currently feeling my ideal weight or size.”

Or my personal favorite phrase correction:

“I don’t have time for that… Well actually, it is just not a priority right now.”

Actively addressing your words, forces you to also look at the action. If you are a person who is frequently late, this practice will bring awareness to your consciousness regarding this habit of yours and you will make a choice to change it, or radically accept it as part of your DNA.

Its like pulling weeds, the more you are exposed to the plants in your garden, the more you are able to recognize which plants are weeds and should be pulled. With practice it becomes part of you, and your perception as well as habits are changed.

Positivity is a habit.

You can create a steady habit of positivity with practice and awareness.

Happy Monday Fellow Earthlings.



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