Passion Flour Patisserie

Salt Lake City is one of my favorites to visit… because vegan food. You’ll easily find vegan coffee shops, bakeries, diners, sandwich joints, and really anything you’re craving when it comes to plant-based eats.

On the last fly by I did in the city, I hit up a little French Cafe called, Passion Flour Patisserie. This bakery boasts sustainably sourced and organically grown ingredients in their menu items and features espresso beverages with a beautiful assortment of croissants; ALL VEGAN. The cafe menu is small, but everything seems to be prepared to perfection.

I ordered an Avocado Tartine, which came with some greens, spiraled beets and carrots on the side. This open-faced yumminess was topped with chia and roasted pumpkin seeds, all drizzled with a bit of oil and some sort of sweet vinaigrette.


This plate was perfectly satisfying, but I could not resist the case of baked goods, and decided to order an Almond Croissant for the road, as well as a shot in the dark for the boost of caffeine I would need to complete my drive south…


Delicious, and definitely worth the stop.

Happy Foodie Travels!



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