First I Do the Yoga & Then I Do the Things


Yoga helps me to connect with my inner being.

That authentic self that is buried beneath the layers of fear, self esteem issues and conditioning.

My best self.

1- I connect…

There is a great source of power that is at the core of our souls. Some call this simply Source, God, Creator, or Universe. When we go within to connect to this Source or our creator, we can find peace. Connecting to this power and finding peace, takes practice; our minds race, we judge our thoughts and we feel unsure of what we may actually be connecting to.

In yoga we practice grounding to our mother earth and connecting to creator, allowing us to find peace and stability in our crazy lives. Each time your hands, feet, knees, or sits bones are touching the mat, you should be consciously connecting.

Grounding in the physical is drawing awareness to the surfaces that are touching the ground or your mat. Where is your weight distributed? Do you feel balanced and stable? Feel the weight of your body being cradled and supported by mother earth; Even pushing off of it and then feel the gravity that keeps you from floating away…you should not feel heavy. Allow this sensation of plugging in to energize you.

Grounding is not only important for our physical bodies, but for our spiritual bodies and minds as well. This practice connects you to something larger than yourself and reminds you that you are loved, protected and guided. This is a great reminder for those of us who are deeply affected in this lifetime by the separation from one ness. Connecting to our highest source of love and light is the best way to fill those voids and embody our natural state, which is perfect.

2- I purge…

I bring it all… All of my soreness, tight muscles, heart ache, tiredness, weakness, etc.. I bring it all to the mat and I choose with each and every asana and pranayama to release it… To love it…. To heal it… And then to let it go.

When I feel my hamstrings fighting me in a forward fold, I send them love and with each inhale I concentrate on sending the oxygen I breathe in, directly to the part of my body that is tense and I allow it to circulate and then I release the tightness little by little with each exhale.

Let. It. Go.

3- I begin again…

The final pose of my yogic practice, is typically savasana, or corpse pose. This pose is significant of the cycles of life and death, and a reminder that death and rebirth are significant on every level of this physical plane. As you lie down for savasana, allow your worries, struggle, heart ache, and conditioning to die there with you. Allow yourself to feel the final rest before you rise up again reborn and transformed. This is an ever present part of life and one to be honored and cherished, not feared.

Allow your body to rise up anew from the ashes of who you were the day before.

Is there a better way to start your day?

Peace and Love beauties,



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