Coffee Talk


Lets talk about coffee…

I am a coffee DIVA!

Coffee addict, may be putting it lightly; girl needs her brew.

Caffeine is my drug of choice. Picture a tobacco smoker who is put in a stressful situation, what do they do? Many reach down to their pocket, or bag to feel the security of their vice, and then start walking away… Off to have a cigarette. That’s how I feel about coffee, if I am put in a stressful or annoying situation, I walk over to the Keurig.

Because of this insatiable urge to replace the blood in my body with coffee, I had to really pay attention to how my body fluctuates and reacts to this habit. In other words, at one point in my life it was making me very overweight, and I realized I had to make better choices. Coffee is also very dehydrating, one must be disciplined with the water drinking and try to keep it balanced.

I could go into the exact calories and carbs of specific drinks, and break down how guilty you should feel every time you have said drink, but I am not going to put that negativity out there. I am just going to say that it is important to be mindful of the calories you may be consuming with your coffee habit.

I typically go with a cup of strong black coffee, but when I feel like I need a little more of a boost from the little cup of joy, I will run over to my favorite barista and have her make me up something good.

Below are a list of my favorite coffeehouse drinks that are on the more conscientious side of the menu…

(I always choose soy or coconut milk as a dairy replacement)

  • An iced soy latte is typically the worst coffee order I choose… I try to stay away from soy products, but nothing can replace the love I have for a classic iced soy latte on a hot and sunny summer day.
  • Shot in the Dark with an inch of soy froth is my go to in the colder months of the year. A shot in the dark, is just black coffee with an espresso shot- stronger coffee flavor than an americano with only 2 extra calories. Yes I said TWO.
  • 4 shots over ice with a drizzle of coconut milk. Basically an Americano, but with 4 shots and a drizzle of super low calorie milk.

I found it easiest to ween away from sweetened coffees, by first cutting away the chemicals in the syrups. I drank soy lattes with honey or raw sugar and eventually found the sweeter coffees repulsive. Now I keep things a bit more simple and guilt free.

Happy coffee drinking,




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