Please Read- IF You Think You Want Dreadlocks

If you are interested in dreadlocks, there are a number of questions I am going to ask before we can even talk about price, color choices, maintenance etc…

No two dread heads are the same… And no two dreadlock appointments are either!

So, here are a few questions you can get the answers to, prior to contacting me for an appointment 🙂

1. How long is your hair? It must be AT LEAST 3 inches… I prefer 5.

2. Are the people IMPORTANT to you, ok with you having dreadlocks…. BOSS, wife, mother, husband, etc…

3. Are you interested in Permanent or Synthetic dreadlocks? PLEASE read the article Permanent VS Synthetic even if you THINK you know the answer, this article will help us to use the same terms when communicating about your dreadlock appointment.

4. Are you interested in adding any length to your hair? Plan on losing about 1/3 of your length once your hair is dreaded. (You should have an idea of what this will entail if you read the link in question 2!)

5. Are you interested in a partial dread? One dread? A few? Or a full head?

6. Is your hair colored? If so, are you interested in a color appointment prior to your dreadlock appointment? If we are adding length, are you interested in adding color to your hair with the extension hair? Pictures help us determine color.. It is helpful to have a pic of your existing color, and color preference after it is dreadlocked.

Read the articles under the Dreadlocks tab on the Home Page for more information on dreadlocks, and my services. Please contact me with any further questions you may have, or to schedule your dreadlock appointment!



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