Dreadlock Dictionary

Dreadlock Vocabulary 101

Dreadlock- a style created by allowing the hair to matt into rope-like locks.

Synthetic Dreadlock- A preformed dreadlock made from human hair or monofiber, attached to existing sections of hair to create the look of a dreadlock style.

Neglect Method- Letting dreadlocks naturally form without much/if any assistance or maintenance.

Backcomb Method- Using a dread comb to back stroke sections of hair into dreadlocks.

Crochet Method- Using a crochet or dread hook to lock sections of hair into dreadlocks.

Rip and Tear Method- Pinching and twisting strands of hair to section hair and begin forming dreadlocks.

Latch Hooking- Using a latch hook tool to tidy up newgrowth and stray strands in dreadlocks.

Seperating- The act of pulling strands of hair out of dreads that do not belong together.

Congo- When two or more dreads begin to ajoin.



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