Kitchen Staples

There are a few things I always have around the kitchen… I hate getting stressed about food, and when you’re a vegan in Idaho it can be tough to find a quick meal.


Veggie Patty- This brand makes several favors and they truly are all delicious! Free of processed crap and a ton of allergens. Two come to a package and at our local Natural Grocer, they run about $3.69 per package. Always have a couple flavors in my freezer!



I pop one of these babies in my little toaster oven at about 425 for 15 minutes and it’s good to go! I eat this for protein on a sandwich, with salad or rice.




Rice Cups by McDougalls- I LOVE his stuff. These Curry Almond rice cups are a staple in my pantry and in my suitcase. I toss a couple of these in my carry on and drop by a Starbucks for a little hot water when I am ready to eat it. Just empty the flavor packet on the inside of the cup and fill with boiling water. At home when I eat these items together, I pop my veg patty in the oven and get the water boiling for this rice cup, they usually are ready at about the same time. Our Local Natural Grocer stocks these for $2.19 per cup.

Give them a try!



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