Everyone Has a Shadow Side

Self love is one of the most basic and fundamental requirements on a journey to health, wholeness and vitality. When we disembody and detach from the parts of us that are dark or in need of work, we disembody our shadow side. This is not to say that everyone has an evil “twin” or multiple personalities… This is just a reference to the pieces of our personality that are in need of light and improvement.

Have you ever had the opportunity to read up on the concept of psychological projection? This is something many people believe is a part of daily life and one of our most basic defense mechanisms. It is believed that as humans, we see in others the qualities we deny most in ourselves. By displacing our own darkness, or traits in need of improvement, this appears as an external threat. After years of study and personal experience, I believe this “external threat” appears in our relationships with people, animals, and even spirits. I believe when we feel psychically, spiritually, mentally, or physically attacked, this is our shadow side manifesting itself in our external world. I also believe when this happens, the more energy or conflict associated with this particular threat, is a signal as to how much this INTERNAL conflict is in need of love and attention.

So what do we do??

Well first, we recognize it, and then we inhale LOVE.

When we are able to accept that the supposed external threat is actually an internal threat, the denial of these specific qualities is eliminated and we are able to begin the process of taking responsibility for our own actions and delusions. We are drawing awareness to the intricate parts of our personality, and awareness is the first step. We then give ourselves a big hug and we interject understanding, patience and forgiveness into our thoughts and feelings of self. Unconditional love for self and others is the ultimate goal and ultimately, this begins with patience.

There is always room for improvement.

No matter my beliefs or the years of study and work on self, the external threats continue to come and in different forms. At some points manifesting in the physical as arguments and physical confrontations and in the metaphysical as spiritual hauntings, psychic attack, and disembodied spirits. These manifestations, in my opinion, appear to us in the form that will awaken us; show us what is and is not wanted in our present lives so that we can CHOOSE something different. When we project our darkness out into the world, we are then shown that darkness without fail. The negativity and ugliness you are shown is without doubt, the negativity and ugliness you project.

Now is not the time for judgement, but the time for evaluation of self. If we can look at the trials and tribulations we have in our own lives and accept them as we have chosen them, we can then CHOOSE something new. The beauty of life and human nature is that we are evolutionary creations, and are creators ourselves. If we choose to create and be creations of beauty, light and love, then that WILL be our experience.

Our true nature is light and love, so project only love, because that is what you are.

Happy Creating,



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