Independent Educator

I am an owner of The Eclectic Chair studio salon and spa in Idaho Falls, ID. We are a co-operative business that offers nearly every service in the beauty industry, ranging from dreadlock work to mechanical face-lifting. My job within our team is to service the hair needs of the majority of our female clientele. I offer color and cutting services and am trained in various methods of hair extensions as well as dreadlocking and dreadlock extensions both synthetic and permanent.

As a stylist with an inbox full of questions from other salon professionals inquiring about the work I post to my social media and website, I would like to help other forthright stylists by sharing my knowledge and tricks of the trade, hoping to build a reputation as an independent educator in the field of hair and all things related.

As the daughter of a salon professional, I was exposed to the world of hair as a child. The ambitions I still have as a stylist began budding as a youngster and haven’t strayed. Sure the salon biz can have it’s difficulties and I would be lying if I said I never felt like giving up… But October 2017 marked 11 years for me as a stylist and my career is more than I ever dreamed it could be. I have a loyal clientele and a very supportive group of family and friends who have helped me accomplish every goal I have ever put into place for my business. As a 29 year old entrepreneur, I would have never guessed the success I worked tirelessly for would come at such a young age. What I crave now is growth, I believe the growth I am looking for is in education. I want to spread the ambition that was instilled in me, by extending knowledge to those who are looking for their place in the hair world.

You will find samples of my portfolio under the appropriate tabs on the website.

The demonstration and education I offer is various, and compensation would depend upon interest and the detail of what you would have me teach. Retail, subcontracting, client relations, as well as media marketing are also a strong suit for me and are an important part of growth to any business. If you are interested in demonstrations or education of any kind, please contact me in the form best suited to you.

May the force be with you,



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