The New Moon

As we approach a new moon on Tuesday, let us be reminded that just as the waxing and waning of the moon symbolizes transformation, flow and rebirth; we too can transform, flow and be reborn.

A new moon is always a cleansing energy.

Like an energetic bath.

The moon illuminates to us in cycles, waning until it disappears from sight and waxing until it is full again, and then waning until it disappears and waxing until it is full again. On the eve of the full moon we experience complete darkness. We go into the night blindly but with faith that the moon will rise again the next night in its entirety. Just as it wanes and retreats from visibility, we too wane, and as it grows, we grow. This cycle for us, can be each month, each year, each lifetime. Remember that we will never fully disappear and that no matter what happens to us, we will remain whole, because our wholeness lies within.

This is an auspicious time for a full moon, it is spring time, which is also symbolic of cleansing. March is such a time of change and sometimes instability. The seasons are merging together, and we are surrending to the rain as it brings the sun for summer. The ebb and flow of life, Mother Earth, and of love is present in everything around us. As we let go and embrace this season of change, our hearts can be softened to our own ebb and flow, which we call life. Everything has its seasons, and in knowing this, we are able to recognize the struggles and trials we face in our life can be, but, for a season. We rise with this full moon in our wholeness to be cleansed of worries, hardships, and battles.


This message is to all of my friends out there, in tough situations, unhealthy relationships, battling illnesses, and those who are just trying to better their lives and circumstances. Let this new moon bring the change and energy you need to surrender to the hardships in your life, so that you can be reborn full with each passing day, month, moon, and year.

Love and blessings beautiful beings.



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