Why a Plant Eater?

imageIf was able to take a trip back in time to visit myself 5 years ago, the old version of me would not believe what my future self would tell me about my diet and lifestyle changes. The old carnivore Tia, would laugh hysterically at the thought of becoming a vegan and losing 70lbs and would never have believed that I could have committed to permanent dreadlocks.

Our potential and growth is shocking when observed in great lengths and leaps of time.

The evolution into a plant based diet happened ever so gradually, as my stubborn nature and diet conditioning was getting the best of me at times. I had tried everything under the sun short of lipo suction or surgery to lose weight. Taking extreme diet pills which helped me shed the first 30lbs. I maintained at a weight I was still not comfortable with and my skin wasn’t so happy with the “supplements” I was taking. Although the product claimed to be safe and natural, my body was telling me otherwise. I soon came to the realization that a magic pill wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to be, and a lifestyle change was in order.

Jumping into an extreme and detailed diet never worked for me, and I have always been skeptical of a book telling every person to eat the same way… I didn’t think that was the answer so I had a real talk with myself.

What could I actually give up, today, that I know is bad for my health and is adding to my inability to lose weight?

Mountain Dew was my reply. It was the only thing I could promise myself I would not ingest. It was the only restriction I could put on my diet at the time. I still drank other sodas and energy drinks, but Mountain Dew was my favorite and I was committed to making permanent changes.

Once I didn’t crave that dew and after still attempting to drink other sodas to satisfy that craving, I gave up soda all together. Which included my Red Bull habit. (That was probably harder to let go of than cream cheese on bagels).

Once that habit was kicked, I gave up high fructose corn syrup, then hydrogenated oils…. And so on… One ingredient at a time, I kicked my food addictions.

I don’t claim that a vegan diet is the best thing for everyone. I don’t claim eating meat or animal products serves an addiction of any kind. In fact, I believe every person knows innately what makes them operate at their highest vibration. For me, my body, mind and spirit seem to function at the highest vibration when I am eating a diet of unprocessed plant based foods. Whole foods grown from the earth feels the most right to me at this time. I try and check in with my body to really ask it what it needs for nourishment and I do my best to listen for the truest answer.

That is the key to finding the diet that will most serve you.



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