You call it intuition… I call it spirit.

Photo by Danny Holland
Photo by Danny Holland

While studying in A Course In Miracles chapter 6, I had a sudden recognition of spirit in a new light. I have always been able to identify with a vision during meditation or healing exercise of conversation with an angelic like being, or the raw gut feeling of knowing. I have even been able to believe spirit as a messenger of God like Hermes or Holy Spirit… But this particular epiphany brought everything home for me. As I read this section I felt so at peace with a gentle sense of knowing, as if my inner being was singing, nodding, and hugging, with a deep sensation of love and completeness. I read;

How can you wake children in a more kindly way than a gentle Voice that will not frighten them, but merely remind them that the night is over and the light has come? You do not inform them the nightmares that frighten them so badly are not real, because children believe in magic. You merely reassure them that they are safe now. Then you train them to recognize the difference between sleeping and waking, so they will understand they need not be afraid of dreams. And so when bad dreams come, they will themselves call on the light to dispel them. (A Course in Miracles, p132-133)

After embracing such a gentle message I realized that my belief and understanding of spirit has evolved throughout my awakening process. Whatever you call it, intuition, gut feeling, Holy Spirit, or higher conciousness, it is simply our perception of a nudge from whatever source of supreme power you believe in. We are awakening and being chosen to call on the light to dispel the dark from this reality.

Let Spirit lead the way.



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