Letting Go


Its something I was basically born with.. From a young age I’ve had a hard time letting go; of my toys, clothes, food, saying goodbye to people, hobbies and so on. My lack of ability to trust in life and others perpetuated this survival type attitude. Although I have the ability to easily emotionally disconnect, my reasoning mind can justify holding on.

We call this our head and heart.

My heart always knows when it’s time to let go but my ego and brain worry and find excuses to hold on a bit longer.

What I didn’t realize for so long is that this process of holding on seeds a belief that there may not be enough one day, which is rooted in the belief that there is such a thing as lack. This automatic and implied lack, obstructs the flow of abundance by creating a belief that whatever we require may not be available to us.

Detaching from an outcome, or letting go, allows us to receive abundance because we believe in it. Allowing the stream of complete well being and wholeness is done by believing you are whole and well. Having enough love, friends, food, work, sleep, or money is dependent on your belief that you have enough.

And that is true survival mode… Letting go and trusting in the abundant universe to help you meet your needs.



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