Change Your Mind to Change Your Body


Course in Miracles states, that only fundamental change will last.

Fundamental- A word used as both an adjective and a noun, meaning basic and of central importance or principle.

There are many reasons that diet and weight loss programs don’t work; I believe the number one reason for a “failed” diet is intention. When we make a change in our life to lose weight, what is the underlying, or fundamental reason behind it?

Many would say for their health, or to look or feel better, but few would commit to making these changes permanent. If you cannot commit to permanent change in your life and for your body, it will not last. You will not stick to that diet plan, or if you do, you will most likely gain the weight back. If you truly want health for your body, you know that laying off the twinkles for a few weeks or “going paleo” for a month at a time is not going to wow your body with change. You are too smart to believe that shedding a few pounds before Vegas is going to quiet that nagging voice in your head.

Getting healthy is not about losing weight. Health is about finding vitality in a body you didn’t know could feel so alive. It is about self love and feeling beautiful on the inside and out. Healthy people project happiness and fluidity. They seem to float throughout their day with a smile.

THAT is what you are looking for in the weight loss section of the bookstore; but guess what, you won’t find it there.

Happiness comes from fundamental change. Finding a central importance or strong motivation for health will guarantee it.

The course says,

“A change in motivation is a change in mind, and will inevitably produce fundamental change because the mind is fundamental.”

We must change our minds to change our bodies.



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