Being is Never Threatened

imageA Course in Miracles states, that “judgement always involves rejection”.

When we reject our bodies by making judgements about them, they will reject us.

This results in illness, body image, weight issues, skin problems, etc… If our bodies are showing signs of discomfort, attack or discontent, that is a call from them, to us, for love. This can mean eating better, exercising or sleeping regularly, but it mainly means our bodies need care and positivity.

As we deny body identification and embrace and affirm spirit identification, we begin to reflect on the outside how we feel on the inside. If what you are reflecting to the world appears unattractive to you then it is time for you to shed illusions about yourself and embrace that you are a perfect spiritual being having a human experience. Our bodies are a reflection of our subconscious. As we free our minds and hearts of judgement about ourselves and others, we lessen the worry and fear attached to our physical bodies. This state of letting go of our attachment to an outcome or image, frees us of anxiety and worry, which allows our bodies to return to their natural state of being; which is perfect. As we present no attack on our bodies and minds, we are not attacked; because being is never threatened.

What we project to the world, we project to ourselves, and what we project to ourselves, we project to the world.

Project only love because that is what you are.



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