My Journey to Self Discovery

imageThis subject… ME/My Journey to Self Discovery- has proven difficult to publish.

Its been approximately 5 years ago today and as I recant where I am and what I am doing, it’s hard to believe.

This subject was revisited recently when in the Seattle airport last weekend. I had just landed back in the U.S. from Vancouver B.C. Canada and decided to see what Facebook had to offer. The first thing on my feed was a video from Tedx Talks titled “The Person You Really Need To Marry” by Tracy McMillan. This woman speaks of accepting and fully loving yourself as you are. For exactly where you have been and where you might be going. Over the past week since watching this video, many other quotes, videos, memes showed up in my life causing me to take moments to be reminded of where I was, where I am going and who I am today. I was reminded to love myself unconditionally so that I could truly love another without limitation or condition.

It’s been a tough few years…

But I am more grateful and full of love now, than I ever was. When life throws me uncertainty and chaos, I throw gratitude back at it. Like I am saying “Hey! I have done it once, I can do it again! I am happy to be learning and growing!” These gracious feelings can be short-lived as I would be lying if I said its all been unicorns and rainbows! I lose my temper at times, and I get emotional and I put up walls. I am no where near perfect… The moments of clarity come when you see that love and a full heart can get you where you want to be.

We are reminded not to sweat the small stuff.. and its all small stuff.

Basically, when life gives me its best kick in the ass; I say “Thank you sir, can I have another?” Sometimes I wish I could just chill out and let my life be simple, but the more I seek simplicity the more complicated my situations become. Why do I do this, you ask?

My mom says I am stubborn.

I hope to document the trials that come from the awkward encounters and my stubborness to settle. May my unrest and constant eccentric chaos bring you joy, entertainment and advice.

Happy sharing,



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